The WELL Center


Our vision is to promote the development of a workforce that honors the human dignity of all individuals.



Honor the potential of people in all communities as we develop a 21st Century workforce that is adaptable and regenerative.


Enhance experiential learning to ensure our students are resilient, responsible and ready to contribute to society.

Lifelong Learning

Develop connections with students and businesses to spark an educational journey that sustains a strong and successful workforce.

Motto — Live to Learn

Our motto is inspired by educational philosopher and social reformer John Dewey who said “Education is not for life; education is life itself”. To be successful in the 21st Century Workforce we must understand that education is NOT an event. Education is a journey that provides opportunity for self-development. Education is a societal equalizer that enables self-determination. We must instill in all communities a desire for education and a recognition of its impact.